Central Texas Audubon Society

Sunday, April 29th

   Birded Lacy Point on Lake Waco. For any that have not been here, it's an excellent mix of habitats with a wide variety of species that vary throughout the year. It is also a good place to try and spot the resident Bald Eagles.



Species count: 39


1- Great Blue Heron

7- Great Egret

4- Black Vulture

7- Turkey Vulture

1- Osprey

2- Northern Harrier

1- Sharp-shinned Hawk

2- Red-tailed Hawk

2- Least Sandpiper

7- Mourning Dove

1- Great Horned Owl

1- Black-chinned Hummingbird

2- Red-bellied Woodpecker

1- Downy Woodpecker

1- American Kestrel

1- Eastern Phoebe

2- Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

2- White-eyed Vireo

3- American Crow

2- Tree Swallow

2- Cliff Swallow

1- Carolina Chickadee

1- Carolina Wren

1- Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

1- American Robin

1- Northern Mockingbird

2- European Starling

10- Cedar Waxwing

1- Yellow-rumped Warbler

1- Wilson's Warbler

3- White-crowned Sparrow

1- White-throated Sparrow

3- Lincoln's Sparrow

27- Northern Cardinal

2- Indigo Bunting

7- Painted Bunting

3- Dickcissel

2- Red-winged Blackbird

5- Brown-headed Cowbird



Cedar Waxwing
Wilson's Warbler

General Meetings: 


General meetings of the membership will normally occur on the third Tuesday of the months of September through November and February through May.




Location of the General Meetings: 

Carleen Bright Arboretum 
9001 Bosque Blvd, 
Woodway, TX 76712





Meeting Time: 


Join us at 6:30 PM for social time and light refreshment. At 7:00 PM the meeting and program will commence.